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So that’s my advice to you:
Find something to be obsessed with and then obsess over it.
Don’t compete.
Find something that’s uniquely yours.
Be busy.
Seek and find a way to do what it is you want to do
Identify what that thing is and do it; don’t stand around too long having conversations about it.
Do it, refine it, do it more; don’t talk or think yourself out of doing it.
Say yes to almost everything.
Try new things.
Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to work hard.
Do your pictures, don’t try to do somebody else’s pictures.
Don’t get lost inside your head and don’t worry about what camera you’re using.
Take photos of everything.
Be very open to the idea of chance and surprise.

Words of Wisdsom from Ryan McGinley (via lisawiseman)

I’m not angry at men. I AM angry at sexism, patriarchy, rape culture and gender-based social inequality. Aren’t you?

Imagine a world where the next kids getting started with their big idea are stuck having to think about negotiating or establishing relationships with these big gatekeepers – before they’re even able to think about doing anything ambitious on the Internet. That’s a really, really scary notion and one that we need to work very hard, and will be working very hard, to make sure does not happen.

David Karp on net neutrality at Wired BizCon 


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For the science and technology set, it’s a classic opportunity to disrupt an industry historically run by hippies and gangsters. And the entire tech-industrial complex is getting in on the action: investors, entrepreneurs, biotechnologists, scientists, industrial designers, electrical engineers, data analysts, software developers. Industry types with experience at Apple and Juniper and Silicon Valley Bank and Zynga and all manner of other companies are flocking to cannabis with the hopes of creating a breakout product for a burgeoning legitimate industry. Maybe it’s the Firefly. Maybe it’s something still being developed in someone’s living room. There’s a truism about the gold rush days of San Francisco: It wasn’t the miners who got rich; it was the people selling picks and shovels. As the legalization trend picks up steam, Silicon Valley thinks it can make a better shovel.”

How Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are rushing to cash in on CannabisWIRED 


john quincy adams was the first US president to grant a personal interview to a female reporter, and the only reason he allowed it was because the reporter (anne royall) caught him skinny dipping in the potomac, sat on his clothes, and refused to let him get dressed until he answered her questions and if you dont think that’s one of the coolest stories of early US society then idk what to tell you

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